55 Interesting Proposal Essay Topics for Students

One of the papers any student will be required to write at some point during their academic career will be a proposal essay. This type of essay can be a challenge for any student if the purpose of writing one is not clear to them or they can’t find an adequate amount of time to devote to this very comprehensive paper. But it can be accomplished successfully and earn you the grade you are working so hard for.

How To Choose A Proposal Essay Topic

For the most part, the proposal essay topic that students will choose will explain in detail a concept, plan, or idea they want to propose. You will be writing your paper with the goal in mind of calling your reader to action or, at the very least, have them approve what you are proposing. Typically, the content of your proposal essay will involve some type of solution to a problem, concern or situation, and it might even possibly be a business plan you have developed. Of course, you will need to fully research your topic prior to the writing process so that you can write knowledgeably on your topic and make it interesting to your reader. You should always include ‘credible evidence’ as to why you believe your proposal has merit, because after all, you aim is to have your reader agree with what you are proposing and ideas should always be based on facts.

Let’s Get Started

It is important to remember that a lot of your success depends on a topic you choose. Pay attention to the ideas and keep in mind that you should back up your claim with strong evidence and make people believe in your proposal. We’ve compiled a list of excellent 55 topics for your proposal essay.

Proposal Essay Topics For College Students

When you are in college, you will be expected to propose fresh ideas, create something, inspire people and change life to better by any means possible. That’s why your proposal essay topic for college should be well thought-through. And we’ve got some ideas for you.

  1. Removing unhealthy food from school cafeterias will reduce childhood obesity
  2. New policies to cope with the rising cost of oil
  3. Giving students more freedom improves test scores
  4. Ways to save money at the grocery store
  5. Alternatives to animal testing
  6. How going ‘green’ can save money
  7. How to reduce the number of drop-outs in highs school
  8. New ways to save electricity
  9. A way to lose weight without dieting
  10. Recycling boost community economies
  11. Ways to prevent cyber terrorism
  12. How to stop illegal immigrants from crossing borders

Proposal Essay Topics For High School

Some high schools require their students to write a proposal essay once in a while. Let’s see how you can manage the task. We’re sure you’ll do it perfectly because now you have an excellent list of topics for high school

  1. Adoption laws to speed up the adoption process
  2. Technology makes life harder, not easier
  3. Homelessness is ignored by society
  4. Recycling should be mandatory
  5. Weather forecast should not exist
  6. The impact of single family homes on children
  7. New ways of recycling
  8. Wealthy people should pay more taxes

Interesting Proposal Essay Ideas

The main thing about your proposal topic is that it should be interesting and talk about something new, something unheard before. You will have to think what ideas you can offer and what improvement can be done in order to achieve the goal of your proposal. Thankfully, our topic list will be of great help.

  1. Self help books are more beneficial than paying for a therapist
  2. The best way to find a career
  3. Evidence we are not alone in the universe
  4. Can school aged children plan their careers
  5. Benefits of freedom of speech
  6. Are children’s milestones really important?
  7. Does a college education guarantee you a job?
  8. Alternative methods to traditional parenting
  9. The best ways to raise a healthy child
  10. Methods of warning a hurricane is approaching
  11. Climate change and natural disasters
  12. American polices on foreign aid
  13. Benefits of driving at sixteen years old
  14. How being a part of a sports team can affect a student
  15. Should higher education be free?
  16. Should healthcare be affordable for everyone?
  17. Should all medicines be prescribed?
  18. Has public education ‘lowered the bar’?
  19. Do teenagers have enough responsibility?
  20. How to prevent identity theft

Thought-Provoking Proposal Essay Topics

Remember that your proposal essay must make the audience stop and think. How to implement this or that idea? How to improve one thing without deteriorating the other? All this should be included in your topic and we are happy to present you the list of thought-provoking proposal essay topics.

  1. How to increase college retention rate
  2. Strategies to improve a student’s GPA
  3. Ways to improve the morale of your workers
  4. Banning texting will save teenage lives
  5. Mobile devices increase fatalities
  6. Participation in student government should be mandatory
  7. Owning a pet will lead to a longer life
  8. Measure to save endangered species
  9. Social media increases bullying
  10. How to get more educational opportunities

Funny Proposal Essay Topics

And finally, our favorite part! Be funny and try to propose something others wouldn’t dare too and you are guaranteed to receive a good grade and entertain your audience along the way.

  1. All automobile drivers should switch to bicycles
  2. Humans should build a giant space shuttle
  3. We can see UFOs if we create a big telescope
  4. If humans stopped hunting there would be more animals
  5. We can learn cat language if we practice every day

Get The Best Proposal Essay

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