91 Intriguing Descriptive Essay Topics

Compare to other essay topics, the easiest ones are the descriptive essay topics. It is more personal and you do not have to do extensive research just to come up with a creative and quality essay work. In going for descriptive essay topics, you get to have more creativity and flexibility. Even if it is a generic topic, you can still make it an interesting essay that will catch the attention of readers.

Think of a Catchy Descriptive Essay Title

With descriptive essay topics, you will not have a hard time especially since you can relate your personal experiences, views and thoughts. To captivate the interest of your readers, you have to think of a nice and catchy essay title. Having a nice title will capture the attention of your readers and this is a good start. But keep in mind that it is not just the title. You also have to make sure that you provide interesting and quality content.

Best Descriptive Essay Topics

There are various descriptive essay topics that you can personally relate to. From your day to day events and experiences to your fondest memories, you will not have any difficulty in finding a good one. Some of the best topics include the following.

Descriptive Essay Topics for High School Students

You will definitely be asked to write a descriptive essay in high school. What can you describe? Pretty much anything and the list below will prove it.

  1. Childhood memory
  2. Your favorite vacation
  3. Your favorite pet
  4. Friendships and relationships
  5. The happiest moment in your life
  6. An addiction
  7. A day at work
  8. Your interesting travels
  9. People on the street
  10. A forest
  11. Falling in love

Descriptive Essay Topics for College Students

Describing something in college will be a little more difficult than in high school because you will be more specific and show your skills as a good writer. Once again, you need to choose a good topic. Here is the list.

  1. Your favorite book
  2. A major achievement
  3. Living in another city
  4. Meeting a famous person
  5. Describe your summer holiday
  6. Describe a painting
  7. Describe your campus
  8. Describe your best friend
  9. Describe your favorite sport
  10. Describe your class room

Creative Descriptive Essay Topics

Creativeness is your key to success! Be smart, be different, be witty – select one of our creative descriptive essay topics and receive only the top grades, because everybody likes creativity.

  1. The toy you liked most when you were a child
  2. Sweetest childhood memory
  3. Content of your bag/purse/wallet
  4. Street you grew up on
  5. Your favorite tattoo
  6. Person who had most influence on you
  7. Your best friend’s face
  8. The most interesting subway ride
  9. Visit to a hospital
  10. Your friend’s wedding

Descriptive Essay Topics on Feelings

How do you feel? Can you describe your feelings? This may sound easy but it won’t be. You will have to use all your creativity and ability to let people know about your personal feelings. Tough one, we know. But here are the best ideas.

  1. Feeling alone
  2. Feeling scared
  3. Feeling happy
  4. Feeling lost
  5. Feeling in love
  6. Feeling depressed
  7. Feeling anxious
  8. Feeling excited
  9. Feeling worried
  10. Feeling tired

Fascinating Descriptive Essay Topics

These are excellent topics that will let you describe something you really like, so you’ll be able to tell everything you want to tell. It might seem easy but be sure to pick the right topic.

  1. Moving to a new apartment
  2. Moving to a new town
  3. Getting lost in the city
  4. Meeting new friends
  5. Breaking up with your boyfriend/girlfriend
  6. Starting a new relationships
  7. Going on a first date
  8. Your favorite suit/dress
  9. Describe high school prom
  10. Describe your first boyfriend/girlfriend

Funny Descriptive Essay Topics

Be funny and your teachers will notice. Try to describe something others haven’t and you will receive the top score. Choose the topic from our funny list.

  1. Describe your favorite part of your body
  2. Describe the most embarrassing moment of your life
  3. Describe your feelings if you are abducted by aliens
  4. Describe what it feels like to be homeless
  5. Describe a bank robbery
  6. Describe yourself as a pirate captain
  7. Describe a girl/boy of your dream
  8. Describe your life if you had 4 hands
  9. Describe what it feels like to be Batman
  10. Describe your least favorite part of your body

Descriptive Essay Topics on People

Describing people isn’t easy and you have to decide whether you want to describe their physical appearance or their inner qualities. Whatever the case, our list will help.

  1. Describe your mom
  2. Describe your dad
  3. Describe your brother/sister
  4. Describe your favorite music artist
  5. Describe someone you really miss
  6. Describe yourself to a person who doesn’t know you
  7. Describe your pet
  8. Describe a famous person you’d really like to meet
  9. Describe an old member of your family
  10. Describe one aspect of someone you like

Descriptive Essay Topics on Objects

Describing objects should be relatively easy. Take a close look at the object and let your fellow students know what you think. And if you don’t know what object to write about, here are some tips.

  1. Describe your favorite device
  2. Describe most important objects in your room
  3. Describe a thing you’d never throw away
  4. Describe your favorite way of transportation
  5. Describe a ride on a public bus
  6. Describe a ride in a car with your friends
  7. Describe your favorite piece of furniture
  8. Describe your favorite monument in the world
  9. Describe your favorite building in the world
  10. Describe your least favorite building in your town
  11. Describe your most favorite building in your town
  12. Describe an object that best describes your generation
  13. Describe an object you with never existed
  14. Describe an object you used 5 years ago
  15. Describe an object you’d like to exist
  16. Describe an object that change your life
  17. Describe an object you’re addicted to
  18. Describe an object that made your life easier
  19. Describe an object that’s been in your family forever
  20. Try to describe Internet to someone who doesn’t know about it

Whatever topic you choose, there are so many things that you can tell to your readers. Students and writers who want to come up with an interesting descriptive essay can just select among these topics or to come up with their own topic.

Tip in Writing a Descriptive Essay

In going for descriptive essay, you can be more creative and you can be more flexible when it comes to the content that you want to create. But not everyone finds it easy to write down their thoughts. So, for students who find it difficult to handle descriptive essay topics, you do not have to worry since there is no right or wrong. Just write down your thoughts following your chosen topic and main arguments. You just let your ideas to flow freely.

Best Descriptive Essay Ideas for Students

Writing an essay is never easy especially if you are struggling in coming up with a good topic and being creative when it comes to your thoughts and ideas. Remember, that you can always get help at ibuyessayonline.com. But among the different essay topics, going for descriptive essay topics are much easier. Descriptive essay does not require you to conduct thorough research since you do not have to integrate facts or data. With a descriptive essay, it is more personal. You are free to write down your thoughts and just about anything you want to share to your readers. You get to have more flexibility with a descriptive essay. It is just a matter of how you can present your thoughts and experiences in a creative manner.