Best 101 Persuasive Essay Topics that You Will Like

When submitting your persuasive essay the aim is not only to just get a high grade but to persuade your target audience to read what you have written and to persuade them believe in your ideas and thoughts. In searching for persuasive essay topics, you will no longer have any problem in finding a topic that you can work on. This article gives you some of the best persuasive topics. Depending on your school or university requirements, you can just choose which topic.

Choosing Among these Persuasive Essay Topics

There is a wide array of persuasive essay topics available with so many issues and concerns prevalent in the society these days. All you have to do is to pick one. But just prior to choosing a topic for your essay, it helps if you take time to make your selection. Keep in mind that your choice of topic will make or break your essay. Not everyone can make a good essay out of a really controversial topic so you have to be careful.

In selecting among these persuasive essay topics, students always have to bear in mind their target reader. Who are the readers of your essay? Then, you need to ask yourself, what is the purpose of your essay? What do you want to achieve in your written work? Since this is a persuasive essay, you would definitely want to be able to properly establish your arguments and to persuade your readers to your side. If you can do that then you have achieved your purpose and you get to create a highly engaging essay.

General Persuasive Essay Topics

Some issues and ideas will always remain popular and interesting and in this section we’ve gathered topics that will surely catch your audience’s attention because they dwell upon actual things. Here is the list:

  1. Should the elders (senior citizens) receive discounts in all stores?
  2. Do students have to wear uniforms in campuses?
  3. Should all state colleges offer free courses?
  4. Should college athletes get full scholarship?
  5. Should marijuana be legalized across all states?
  6. Should students get monetary incentives when they get high grades in school?
  7. Should illegal migrants be allowed to drive their own vehicles?
  8. Should online users downloading online illegally be subjected for legal sanctions?
  9. Should homeowners be allowed to have exotic animals at home?
  10. Should prostitution be legal?
  11. Should abortion be legalized?

Persuasive Essay Topics for College

There will be strict requirement in college concerning you persuasive essay, so make sure you follow all the directions and always keep in mind that topics should be interesting and engaging too. We’ve collected some great ideas for you to use:

  1. Should the government reform its immigration laws?
  2. Should all American citizens undergo military training service?
  3. Should students be required to study one foreign language course?
  4. Should death penalty be imposed on all criminal offenses?
  5. Illegal immigrants shouldn’t be jailed but should be forced to work
  6. US Government should ban homosexual marriages
  7. Domestic violence is a big problem in many countries
  8. Schools should ban usage of social network on their grounds
  9. iPads should replace books
  10. Surveillance cameras on campus are the invasion of privacy

Persuasive Essay Topics for High School

No surprise, you must know how to persuade in high school, it’s an essential skill. Make your audience believe in what you believe yourself and you will achieve success. Here is a list of topics you can use in high school:

  1. Drinking age should be lowered till 18
  2. Teachers must know about students’ after school activities
  3. Alternative energy can replace oil
  4. Electric cars is the quick way to a better future
  5. US government should invest more in space science
  6. Animal testing should be stopped by any means
  7. Students should take drug tests every month
  8. It is okay for parents to check their child’s belongings
  9. Schools should pay their most successful students
  10. Soda and burgers must not be sold in school cafeterias

Persuasive Essay Topics for Middle School

Even though middle-schoolers are pretty young, they still need to know how to persuade someone in something, because they will need this skill in future. The topics may not be too difficult but they should be interesting enough and thought-provoking:

  1. Exams are stressful for young students and must be cancelled
  2. There should be boys/girls classes
  3. Recycling is good for our planet
  4. Humans are responsible for air pollution
  5. Children should not wear uniforms
  6. Parents should pay attention to their child’s social life
  7. Skateboarding must be allowed in schools
  8. Cellphones are useful and shouldn’t be banned in schools
  9. Students should have less homework
  10. Summer break must end in October

Persuasive Essay Topics Funny

We all like a good laugh so your teacher must too. Sometimes it is good to distance yourself from the boring routine and have some fun for a change. Essay writing is no fun, you say? But what if you choose the right topic?

  1. Ronald McDonald is very scary
  2. Worst movie ever made
  3. Rap music is a terrible genre
  4. Elvis Presley is alive and he lives in Argentina
  5. Boys shouldn’t be allowed to play with dolls
  6. Pet owners are the nicest people
  7. Playing video games isn’t a good thing
  8. Worst book in world’s history
  9. Super Mario is not made for kids
  10. Living with parents till you’re 30 is a good idea

Persuasive Essay Topics on Sports

Sport is something people like to talk about and persuade one another in something. Well, persuading someone that Green Bay Packers is better than Dallas Cowboys might not be a good idea but there are many other topics to dwell upon. Here is our selection.

  1. Should girls be allowed to play in boys’ teams?
  2. Should athletes pay bigger taxes?
  3. Should skateboarding be included in P.E. class?
  4. Should students be able to choose whether or not they want to play sports
  5. Cheerleading should be considered a sport
  6. Colleges spend too much money on sports
  7. Betting on sports should be considered gambling
  8. There should be no alcohol ads during Super Bowl
  9. Good coaches don’t have to be good players
  10. Athletes are made not born

Controversial Persuasive Essay Topics

Be careful with these ones. If you see “controversial”, you should think twice. Your teacher might not share your ideas and that’s why it is better to choose something more neutral but if you really want to catch your audience’s attention, be sure to check these topics:

  1. Abortion is a woman’s choice and shouldn’t be ashamed of
  2. Churches must pay taxes
  3. Marijuana should be legalized in all states
  4. LSD and MDMA have positive effects on people
  5. American government lives off wars and conflicts
  6. Waterboarding is a torture and must be illegal
  7. US Government spies on its citizens
  8. Mark Zuckerberg is an FBI agent
  9. Gun possession is an essential American right
  10. Adderall must be prescribed to all college students

Persuasive Essay Topics on Social Issues

Social issues are interesting to talk about and perhaps you and your groupmates will come up with solution to those issues just by discussing your essay. Here is our excellent top ten persuasive essay topics on social issues:

  1. Should elders receive free bonuses, such as free bus rides?
  2. Should we all learn Arabic language as soon as possible?
  3. Russia is responsible for Trump winning the elections
  4. Should people provide IDs when buying video games
  5. Is it normal for women to get married at 16?
  6. Should people who download music illegally go to jail?
  7. Should Internet be free to everyone?
  8. Should there be more parks then parking lots?
  9. Should people transfer from cars to bikes?
  10. Should sexual education class be eliminated from school program?

Persuasive Essay Topics on Famous People

Some people inspire us, others make us regret we’re humans but nevertheless many historic figures are interesting to talk about. Yes, we have Miley Cyrus along with Hitler on our list but that only makes things more interesting, doesn’t it?

  1. Trump’s presidency is not worse than Obama’s
  2. Britney Spears is one of the best role models
  3. Miley Cyrus is one of the worst role models
  4. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a great politician
  5. Tommy Wiseau is one of the greatest actors of all time
  6. Osama bin Laden was a threat to the world
  7. Vladimir Putin is the new Stalin
  8. Elon Musk sets a perfect example for children
  9. Adolph Hitler must not be remembered in books
  10. Napoleon is one of the greatest leaders of all time

Persuasive Essay Topics on Everything

And finally why choose something specific when you can just talk about pretty much everything? You can discuss anything you like but be sure to be persuasive, that’s the whole point. We share some ideas but of you are not limited by them in any way.

  1. Should we do more to protect endangered species?
  2. Should we eat less and exercise more?
  3. Should schools have fewer classes?
  4. Should America finally start using the metric system?
  5. Should immigrants receive more money from the government?
  6. Should vegetarianism be a must for everyone?
  7. Should there be a curfew for minors?
  8. Should minorities be given better jobs?
  9. Should females work at construction sites?
  10. Should gambling be considered illegal?

Best Topics for High School and University Students

With so many issues that affect people today, there are so many things to write about. If you are asked to work on a persuasive essay topic, all you need to do is to choose which topic you want to work on. This is where it gets really challenging especially since if you want to engage your readers to believe and understand your work, you cannot choose a topic that you do not know. No matter how good a topic is, you cannot persuade your target readers without presenting interesting ideas and valid arguments. In the end, it is not just about the topic itself. It is also about the content. Your topic is just the backbone of your essay work but the content is the heart of it. You need to be able to express your thoughts and to present your side of the argument to be able to persuade your readers. And keep in mind, that if you’re stuck with your persuasive essay, you can always get help at IBuyEssayOnline.