101 Inspiring Argumentative Essay Topics

In your essay, you get the chance to put your own thoughts and voice out your opinion through writing. Using your creativity and words, you can establish your stand and present your arguments in an essay work. In every topic that is being talked about today, whether it is a social issue or it is a news story on the Internet, there will always be two sides of the argument. Through your essay, you can persuade your readers to not just read but understand and accept your arguments and ideas.

Tips on Choosing Argumentative Essay Topics

With so many things that are happening right now, you will not have any difficulty in choosing an argumentative essay topic to work on. There are just too many argumentative essay topics to choose from depending on your interest, your knowledge and the target readers that you have in mind. To filter your choices, the very first step that you have to consider when selecting an argumentative essay topic is that you should go for a topic that is quite controversial. Remember that what you want to achieve in your essay work is to persuade your readers and to establish logical and creative arguments that will make them think. Be clear with your stand and your position on the topic. This is where you will create and anchor your ideas and arguments. In the end, there is no right or wrong with argumentative essay topics. It is a matter of being able to clearly present your ideas in a coherent and logical manner that would make your audience pay attention.

Argumentative Essay Topics For University

Argumentative essay topics are widely popular among students especially if you want to submit a strong and compelling essay piece that will give you a high grade in school. If your teacher or professor allows you to choose a topic of your own choice, you can definitely find a topic where you can present your arguments. There are various argumentative essay topics that you can work on. It will just depend on your choice as well as the requirements set by your professor. With topics that are controversial and quite intricate to tackle, you do not have to go for what everyone else is saying. The key to creating a powerful essay is for you to share your ideas and lay down your arguments in a comprehensive, justifiable and coherent manner.

Argumentative Essay Topic Suggestions

Luckily for you, we’ve got a whole selection of argumentative essay topics about pretty much everything and for your convenience we’ve divided them into groups. So let’s get started. Here is the list of some of the best and compelling argumentative essay topics that you can use as samples for you essay assignment.

Argumentative Essay Topics College

College life is not all fun and games, argumentative essay topics get really difficult in college. Trust us, your essay will not be easy. However, if you’ve got some topics in front of you, it can facilitate the task.

  1. Tobacco manufacturing and sale should be banned
  2. Death sentence should be implied in every world country
  3. People who smoke in public places should be jailed
  4. Alcohol consumption rates be controlled by the government
  5. Alcohol beverages should not be sold after 11 P.M.
  6. Energetic drinks are harmful and should be banned
  7. Transgender rights should be written in Constitution
  8. Is 21 the right age to be legally allowed to buy alcohol?
  9. What is the perfect age for the person to be able to vote
  10. How do stereotypes work and what effects do they have

Argumentative Essay Topics For Middle School

Middle school isn’t as hard as college, however still don’t relax too much. We’ve gathered 10 topics you can use for your argumentative essay in middle school.

  1. Can video games be used for learning
  2. All students should learn a foreign language
  3. Diets can be harmful for people
  4. People must have criminal responsibility for cyber bullying
  5. Should middle school students wear uniforms
  6. Should cell phones be banned in class
  7. Can boredom be dangerous and lead to crime
  8. Skateboarding is dangerous and should be banned
  9. Should parents control child’s internet use
  10. Curfew for minors is a good idea

Argumentative Essay For High School

High school teachers will demand high-quality argumentative essays from you and it is only natural that you will need to select an interesting topic. Here is the list of 10 topics that will make your high school essay shine.

  1. Drunk drivers should never be allowed to drive again
  2. High school uniforms are the thing of past
  3. Video games can lead to violence
  4. School shootings can be stopped by banning guns
  5. Schools should pay more attention to science than sports
  6. Parents should monitor teen’s activities on the internet
  7. Teen pregnancy – can or should it be stopped
  8. Online dating sites are dangerous for teens
  9. Should high schools provide financial aid for students
  10. Should students graduate at 16 years of age

Argumentative Essay Topics On Education

Education is a subject that will always be interesting for people and your teachers especially. Make sure you talk about something really interesting – there are many issues that remain unsolved concerning education and your essay will be a great way to discuss them.

  1. Government should provide financial assistance to students based on merit
  2. Is it a good idea to make colleges free for everybody
  3. When should students have sex education classes
  4. Are quizes and tests the best way to evaluate student’s knowledge
  5. Has the U.S. educational system become obsolete
  6. If schools cancel homework, students will fail
  7. School teachers should have guns
  8. Are prof orientation tests really helpful
  9. Is higher education necessary for everybody
  10. Drug tests must be held in schools every month
  11. Skirts must be banned in schools

Argumentative Essay Topics On Technology

Technology has become a significant part of our everyday life and it is a very good subject to discuss in your argumentative essay. Do you support the idea that technology makes our life easier? Or you think we could do better without it? Discuss it in your university essay.

  1. Has humanity become too dependent on technology
  2. Does new technology shape the way we live
  3. New gadgets are necessary for all people
  4. Internet should always be censorship-free and open to everybody
  5. Governments must imply more strict laws concerning the internet
  6. Children’s health gets worth due to the impact of technology
  7. Do cell phones really cause cancer
  8. Should people provide ID cards to gain access to some sites
  9. Can androids replace people
  10. Is artificial intelligence dangerous for humans

Argumentative Essay Topics On Social Media

Social media is a big part of our lives but does it only have positive sides or does it have some negative ones too? Here is a list of 10 topics on social media that will help you create an outstanding essay.

  1. Today’s teens spend too much time on social media
  2. Social media can cause serious addiction
  3. Heavy use of social media can lead to mental problems
  4. Social media are the main source of sexual crimes
  5. Should parents monitor their child’s activity on social media
  6. Teens have difficulties in real life due to social media
  7. Cyber bullying is a 21st century biggest problem
  8. Schools should pay attention to their students’ social media
  9. People can be sent to jail for posting something online
  10. Social media have made communication easier

Argumentative Essay Topics On Animals

Some people like animals, some don’t but whatever the case, argumentative essay topics on animals remain quite popular among students. Be sure to check our list before you get down to writing.

  1. Pets can cure anxiety and depression
  2. Should animals be subjects of the chemical testing
  3. Laws on animal cruelty should be more strict
  4. People should be sent to jail for walking dogs without muzzles
  5. People should stop using animal tested cosmetics
  6. Movies should have warnings if they include scenes with dead animals
  7. Stray dogs should be eliminated
  8. Fur should be banned and fashion companies punished
  9. Deer hunting should be made illegal
  10. Human actions lead animal to extinction

Argumentative Essay Topics On Psychology

Psychology is an interesting subject, perhaps on of those areas humans will never be able to completely fathom. Thus your argumentative essay on psychology will definitely catch your reader’s attention. Here are some ideas.

  1. Depression is the most common disease among students
  2. School can cause unbearable stress
  3. Every student should visit a psychologist once a month
  4. Antidepressants are useful for teens
  5. Should there be gender segregation in class
  6. Children with mental diseases should be separated from society
  7. Governments should spend more on metal facilities
  8. Happiness is a choice
  9. Sports can help overcome mental diseases
  10. Is it possible to beat drug addictions

Argumentative Essay Topics On Sports

Sports pays big role in life of many students around the globe, however there are many interesting and somehow controversial topics to speak about. Whether you like sports or not, your university professor might be interested in these topics.

  1. Athletes should be paid less
  2. Physical education in schools must be optional
  3. Skateboarding should not be included in the Olympics
  4. Cheerleading should be named official sport
  5. Red Bull, Gatorade and other drinks are harmful for athletes
  6. Children should start playing sports since very young age
  7. Scholarships must not be given to athletes
  8. American teens have become less involved in sports
  9. Boxing is dangerous and should be banned
  10. Chess should not be considered sport

Argumentative Essay Topics On Music

Everybody (yes, even your professor) loves music and it is an interesting topic to speak about. Choose your favorite genre and try to explain why it’s the best or choose one of the topics from the list below.

  1. Music has therapeutic features and can cure diseases
  2. Music and homework do not go along
  3. Do today’s artists depend too much on their producers?
  4. Hip hop is the most popular music genre today
  5. Rap music is still dangerous for youth
  6. Rock music has died out and isn’t popular anymore
  7. Today’s music is simple and does not require any talent
  8. Independent artists can now become popular
  9. Apple EarPods are revolutionary
  10. 7 tracks albums are better than 20+ tracks albums

Hopefully now you’ve got something to choose from. And if you need more help, be sure to visit IBuyEssayOnline: we’ve got a wide selection of argumentative topics, covering wide range of any possible subjects, from music, politics, video games, religion and many other ideas for argumentative essays. So if you’re looking for the best argumentative essay topics college, you are in the right place!