101 Compelling Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Writing an essay where you are asked to determine the causes and effects of a certain thing is not easy especially because you have to provide facts and you need to be analytical. This kind of essay assignment is quite challenging if we compare it to other types of essay you will be required to submit. The purpose of a cause and effect essay is to provide your readers concrete explanations as to why something exists and what happens due to a particular event.

Cause and Effect Topics for Essay You Will Like

When writing a cause and effect essay topic, you have to keep in mind the following details. Unlike other essays where you can share your thoughts and be free with your writing, cause and effect essay topics for university have to be precise and easy to understand. You need to remember the purpose of your essay. For instance, do you want to just inform your readers about the causes and effects you intend to present or do you want persuade them? The way in which you compose your essay will depend on your purpose.

After you have contemplated on the goal of your essay, the next step is to focus on the details. What are the causes and effects based on the information and factual data that you have gathered. Since this type of essay requires research, data and other pertinent information, you cannot just present your points and arguments without any supporting evidence. Make sure that when you write your cause and effect essay, you have gathered significant information that you can relate and integrate to your content. Always define the terms, give examples, provide analytical observations and include facts in establishing your points and ideas. So as not to confuse your readers with too many pieces of information of your essay, you have to focus on the details pertaining to the causes and the effects.

Ideas for Cause and Effect Essay Topics

Since cause and effects are part of our daily lives, there are just too many cause and essay topics depending on your take. It is strongly recommended that you choose a topic that your find interesting. Some of the best cause and essay topics include the following.

Cause and Effect Essay Topics for College

College professors want you to understand causes and effects because this way you will be able to understand many life situations better and it’s overall a good idea to develop your analytical abilities in university. Here’s our excellent list.

  1. Causes and effects of bankruptcy
  2. Why does a large percentage of Americans live in poverty
  3. Increase in number of illegal possession of firearms
  4. Increasing number of suicidal rate
  5. Homelessness
  6. Religious Oppression
  7. Poor water quality in many countries
  8. HIV/AIDs
  9. Birth Control
  10. Immigrants securing American jobs

Cause And Effect Essay Topics Sports

Sports is important to everyone, it plays a vital role in our wellbeing. Like many other topics, sports can be an interesting thing to talk about. Here are some ideas for cause and effect essay on sports.

  1. Governments issuing more money to sports in a country
  2. Teenagers involving in sports instead of education
  3. Sports losing its popularity among people
  4. Athletes should pay more taxes since they earn a lot
  5. Effects of sports on health
  6. Effects of sports on professional athletes’ health
  7. Cause and effect of Olympics to the host country
  8. Why some sports are more popular than others
  9. How sport has changed during the last 100 years
  10. What has led to one sport become very popular in one country?

Cause and effect essay topics on social relations

Humans are social creatures that’s why it is important to know how to talk with each other and how to maintain healthy relationships. These cause and effect topics for essay on social relations will help.

  1. Causes of divorce in the United States
  2. Effects divorce has on the children
  3. Causes and effects of teenage sex
  4. Causes and effects of teen pregnancy
  5. Family reunions and family vacations
  6. Feminist movement in regards of relationships
  7. Children mental health in poor families
  8. Abusive sibling
  9. Step-mother or step-father relations with teens
  10. Growing up with a single parent
  11. Being raised in a foster house

Cause and effect essay topics on social issues

As we’ve said above, humans are social creatures and due to the fact that we must interact with others, social issues appear. Sometimes more often than needed but life is life, and here are some excellent ideas for cause and effect essay on social issues.

  1. Effects of growing up in a poor family
  2. Immigrants and their effects on the economy
  3. Causes of homelessness
  4. Effects of adoption
  5. Effects of marijuana legalization in some countries
  6. Causes of alcoholism
  7. Causes and effects of racism
  8. Effects of malnutrition and lack of food
  9. Causes of increasing criminal rate
  10. Effects of negative media coverage on people

Cause and effect essay topics on environment

Even though a lot has been said about protecting the environment and keeping it safe the issue still remains popular and these topics will help you write a perfect cause and effect essay for college.

  1. Pollution in big cities
  2. Worsening conditions of marine animal species
  3. Increasing number of forest fires each year
  4. Using chemicals on food
  5. Slow destruction of ozone layer
  6. Extinction of some rare animal species
  7. Excessive hunting in some world regions
  8. Melting of glaciers in Antarctica
  9. Big corporations and their influence on environment
  10. Chemical waste and the ways of disposing it

Cause and Effect essay topics on health

Health is the main pillar of our existence that’s why it’s important to talk about health and pay attention to issues related to it. We’ve gathered 10 inspiring topics that will help you dwell on some issues related to heatlh.

  1. Obesity: what causes it and what effects does it have
  2. What causes HIV in Africa
  3. Prescription drugs and their effect
  4. Excessive usage of antidepressants by teens
  5. Youth becomes less healthy
  6. How globalization is causing diseases to spread
  7. Main causes of cancer
  8. Anxiety and its effects on humans
  9. Why people become allergic to certain things
  10. What effects does technology have on teens’ health

Cause and Effect essay topics on historic events

There is a saying that those who don’t know their past don’t know their future. And it’s true. Many historic events shaped the world we live in today and it’s important to know their cause and effects in order not to repeat our past mistakes.

  1. What did the League Of Nations collapse?
  2. Hitler’s raise to power
  3. Slavery in the United States
  4. Revolution in Russia in 1917
  5. Civil War in America
  6. How slave trade shaped the world
  7. Colonialism in America
  8. Colonialism in Africa
  9. Cause and effect of Vietnam War
  10. How war in Iraq shaped today’s world

Cause and Effect essay topics on economics

We live in the world where money plays the biggest role in all parts of human activity that’s why it is important to understand causes and effects of many issues related to economy. Here is a list of 10 perfect ideas.

  1. Governments taking over control of the private sector
  2. Reasons and consequences of economic crisis of 2008
  3. Early retirement and economics
  4. Industrial revolution and the world
  5. Appearance and growth of the European Union
  6. Agrarian revolution in Great Britain
  7. French revolution in 1789
  8. How advertising can help sell the product
  9. How immigrants influence economy
  10. How Britain has influenced Indian economy

Cause and Effect essay topics on technology

Students like technology that’s why it will be interesting for them to hear your thoughts about it, especially if you manage to present your ideas in a coherent way. These interesting topics will help you with this task.

  1. Social media and cyber bullying
  2. Invasion of users’ privacy by Facebook
  3. Causes and effects of the growth of online marketing
  4. Google becoming world’s number one company
  5. Mass production of androids
  6. Bitcoin and other digital currencies shaping economy
  7. How smartphones have changed our life over the last 20 years
  8. Video games industry becoming one of the top industries in the world
  9. How streaming services became popular
  10. Popularity of electric cars

Cause and Effect essay topics on education

If you’re a student yourself, obviously the topic of education will be interesting to you. Make sure to research the cause and effects of many issues related to education. And this list will help you with this.

  1. How illiteracy can be dangerous in modern world
  2. Why education is so expensive in the United States
  3. Building more schools in developing countries
  4. Establishing cultural student exchange programs in different countries
  5. Using computers instead of books for education
  6. Effects of education becoming top priority for the governments
  7. How education changed the world
  8. Positive effects of teaching children from early age
  9. Causes and effects of education becoming accessible to everyone
  10. Causes and effects of sending a student to a private school

These are just some of the topics that you can use to find the different causes and effects in order to create an informative or persuasive essay.

The Best Cause and Effect Topics for Essays

In writing cause and effect essays, you do not just consider the creative aspect or the syntax. Your goal is provide complete information to explain that causes and effects given your choice of topic. This is where it gets really challenging especially since you need to have thorough understanding of the topic you intend to write. Without interest in the topic and without gathering facts or conducting research, you will have a hard time creating your own university or high school essay. When it comes to choosing a topic, you can just select the best topic that you find interesting. Go for a topic that your readers will appreciate. After you have finally decided which topic to take, you should now focus on organizing the details. Present your arguments with your supporting evidence. If your essay is backed with logical arguments, facts and other evidence, you get to create a powerful essay that will give you a high remark. And if you want to receive professional help, be sure to visit IBuyEssayOnline.com for a piece of advice.