67 Amazing Personal Essay Topics

There are various reasons why you will be required to submit your own personal essay. Prior to entering college, you may be required to submit personal essays in order to see how well you can cope with such assignment. Almost all colleges and universities will require you to submit a personal essay along with the other requirements. At school, your professor might require to submit this kind of assignment as well. When asked to write a personal essay, always think of something that you can write about.

Personal Essay Topics: How to Write It?

With a personal essay, you give the readers a glimpse of your life, your experience, your perception and your opinion. There are no exact rules and guidelines that you should follow in dealing with personal essay topics. It gives you the opportunity to be more creative, open and to share your thoughts without inhibition. The goal of writing a personal essay is to allow your readers to get into your world and your thoughts. By sharing your inner world, you get to exceed the limits that you would usually encounter when writing ordinary essays.

Choosing The Best Topic for Your Essay

In your daily life, you encounter and experience a lot of things. This is where you can get your topic. There are various personal essay topics depending on your choice and preference. In choosing one, there are essential things that you have to keep in mind. Do not choose a topic that can be really difficult to handle. Always go for interesting, simple and worthwhile ideas that will interest your readers. Know what your readers would want to read. For your personal essay, you have to know the purpose of the requirement. Usually, there are guidelines that you will have to follow.

Personal Essay Topics for College

Here are just some examples of the personal essay topics that you can write about in college. Keep in mind that the essay should be about you and your own personal experience. College students will appreciate interesting ideas they can use in their own essays.

  1. How you met your best friend
  2. What makes your parents special
  3. The happiest moment in your life
  4. A secret place
  5. Your life’s toughest lesson
  6. Your favorite gift
  7. The most memorable night
  8. Your near death experience
  9. The most difficult moment in your life
  10. Your greatest achievement
  11. Your plans for the future
  12. How will you improve your grades?
  13. Your biggest goal
  14. Fear you overcome everyday
  15. Person who inspires you most
  16. Your favorite subject in college
  17. First day on campus
  18. How do you make friends?
  19. Moment when you showed bravery
  20. Moment when you were a coward
  21. How do you influence other people’s lives?
  22. How do you change the world?

Personal Essay Topics for High School

Do not be afraid to talk about things you like. Or things you don’t like. After all, personal essay is all about you, your experience and personality, so let your audience know more about yourself. Here are some excellent ideas for high school:

  1. Happiest day of your life
  2. First day in school
  3. Your best high school friends
  4. Your story of success
  5. The day you learned to ride a bike
  6. Day you spent with your parents
  7. Day you went fishing
  8. Moment your life changed
  9. What changes have you overcome
  10. Your special place
  11. Choice you had to make
  12. Most embarrassing moment
  13. Favorite time of the year
  14. Does money matter to you?
  15. Place you avoid
  16. Growing up in your hometown
  17. What power would you like to have?
  18. Who would you like to meet?
  19. Your experience of going to a concert
  20. What are your role models?
  21. What makes you sad?
  22. What makes you happy?
  23. Have you overcome your biggest fear?

Creative Personal Essay Topics

Many high school or university students experience difficulties when it comes to choosing a creative topic but with our help you will not have any trouble with it. Just choose one from our perfect list!

  1. The time you’ve saved life
  2. The time your life was in danger
  3. Have you ever had to sacrifice anything?
  4. The time when you experienced pain
  5. Things that bring you joy
  6. What is it like to be afraid?
  7. One thing you’d like to change in your past
  8. The time you almost gave up
  9. Words that cause pain to you
  10. If you could live in another country
  11. Your favorite movie scene
  12. If you could live in the past, where would it be?
  13. Would you like to have a robot helper?
  14. How does it feel like to be brother/sister?
  15. Person you’ve been secretly in love with
  16. Secret you’ve kept for a long time
  17. Time when you needed help
  18. The lie you had to tell
  19. An accident you had to survive
  20. Time when you were far away from home
  21. Time when you felt completely alone
  22. Have you ever had difficulties with communication?

Whichever topic you wish to use for your essay, you can just use your creativity to write down and share your personal experience. In writing a personal essay, you get to share a piece of your life to your readers.

Get Help With Personal Narrative Essay Topics

Comparing to other types of essay assignments, personal essay shouldn’t be that difficult to write. But since you either have to submit a personal essay as part of your college admission requirement or school assignment, you should still make sure that you create a top notch essay that will not just impress your readers but will also be appreciated by your teacher. Choosing a topic for your personal essay does not have to be that challenging. But since you want to make a good impression you need to be creative and you also have to make sure that it is flawless. And in order to write a perfect essay, you can just order it online from IBuyEssayOnline.com. Following the tips provided in the article and you will find a good topic for your personal essay. Now, you can focus on the quality of your content. Make sure that your essay offers something new and sincere to your target readers. After all, the purpose of your essay is to allow your readers to have a glimpse of your personal experience.