102 Perfect Informative Essay Topics

In writing an informative essay, your purpose is to share and provide knowledge to your readers. This is one of the most challenging tasks especially since you have to gather facts, figures and other relevant details. But what is more challenging is choosing a topic among the different informative essay topics available. With so many topics that you might want to work on, how do you choose a good one?

Informative Essay Topics: Important Things to Remember

Before you start writing your informative essay, there are important things that students have to keep in mind. Firstly, you need to find a good topic that is interesting to you. Writing an informative essay can already be a challenging task so it helps if you can find a topic that is interesting. Only when you are interested in the topic will you be able to captivate your readers. Since your goal is to give information, it is important that you will be able to provide new information. Your informative essay should give something new to people. Your readers should get valuable information. Write an essay containing information that they are not familiar with. However, not all new and interesting topics can be used for your essay work. Some topics might be too complex to write about. For informative essays, you only have 3 to 4 pages and if your chosen topic is too intricate, you may not be able to provide the complete information that your readers need. Avoid same old informative essay topics since this will bore your readers.

Choosing Among Informative Essay Topics

How do you select among the different essay topics? If you are still having a hard time in finding a topic that you can easily write about, here are some tips that can help you find a good topic. To help you in narrowing down your choices, you can start searching various materials. You can browse magazines or access various websites and read recommended articles online. From news site to blogs, you can read various materials and this will give you an idea as to which topic you can use. So let’s start with out perfect list!

Informative Essay Topics For High School

Your teacher in high school will sooner or later ask you to write an informative essay. Don’t panic and remember that the right choice of topic is your key to success and we’ve got your back. Here’s informative essay topics list and you can pick any topic.

  1. Advances in technology
  2. Development in education
  3. America’s fastest growing states and cities
  4. Causes and effects of air pollution
  5. Medical marijuana
  6. Causes of diabetes
  7. Impacts of global warming
  8. Presidency of Barack Obama
  9. War in Iraq
  10. World War II
  11. How wars start
  12. How tornadoes are formed
  13. The industrial revolution in America
  14. The fall of the British Empire
  15. How community service can make you a better person
  16. The death of Michael Jackson
  17. How Martin Luther king made a difference in African American lives
  18. How recycling affects the economy
  19. Building a house out of raw materials
  20. The effects of the media in today’s society
  21. US Government

Informative Essay Topics For Middle School

Yes, you will need to write informative essays even in middle school. But don’t worry, the topics will be easy and you will definitely find all necessary information either online or in the library. Even elementary students can use them. Here are some excellent topics to choose from.

  1. The evolution of video games
  2. The effect of WWII on the world
  3. The effects of cyber terrorism
  4. How and why was the first zoo created?
  5. The advantages and disadvantages to being famous
  6. Princess Diana’s death
  7. The effects of eating fast food weekly
  8. Why do we have hiccups?
  9. How winning the lottery affects a person
  10. The Seven Wonders of the World
  11. Pyramids in Egypt
  12. Alexander the Great
  13. History of comics
  14. What is procrastination
  15. Skateboarding
  16. The Catcher in the Rye
  17. Homelessness and poverty
  18. Abraham Lincoln
  19. Heroes of World War II
  20. The Beatles

Informative Essay Topics For College

Informative essays get more difficult in college but keep in mind that all the weight lies on the topic, thus it is crucial you select something interesting. Here is our perfect list.

  1. How universities select an applicant
  2. How social media has changed relationships
  3. How social media has effected communication
  4. How technology has affected the process of learning
  5. Treating breast cancer
  6. The effects of volunteering your time to a worthy cause
  7. The benefits of living an active lifestyle
  8. The advantages of a four year college
  9. Alternative fuels of the future
  10. The effects of pollution in our oceans
  11. Getting a job while still in college
  12. How students can improve their grades
  13. How can students make life on campus better
  14. Brexit and its consequences
  15. NATO
  16. Dangers of STD
  17. Drug addiction among teens
  18. Alcohol use in the US
  19. Illegal immigrants
  20. Consequences of Obama’s presidency

Creative Informative Essay Topics

Be creative and your professors will notice! We gladly present you a list of 10 very creative informative essay topics that will sure be interesting to write about and will not leave your professor dissatisfied.

  1. How people catch the flu
  2. The election process in a government
  3. The impact models have on teenage girls
  4. Technology at home
  5. How one person can make a difference
  6. The importance of the United Nations
  7. The true role of a vice president
  8. The effects of war on civilization
  9. How religion creates conflict
  10. How to overcome addiction

Funny Informative Essay Topics

A little humor never hurt nobody, so pick a funny topic and write a funny informative essay about it! Don’t get too funny though – your essay still has to convey some thoughts and ideas. Here is our funny list.

  1. Time travel is possible
  2. Oprah Winfrey’s show can change lives
  3. Barack Obama is the funniest American president
  4. Orcs are the most violent fantasy race
  5. Tony Montana is actually a good person
  6. Sponge Bob has a mental disease
  7. Dating on the Internet
  8. History of Spider Man
  9. The existence of Batman is impossible in the real world
  10. Santa Claus is a real person
  11. Life story of Mickey Mouse

Common Informative Essay Topics

There’s nothing wrong in using topics that are commonly use. It means that your informative essay will be interesting to everybody. These informative essay topics examples will serve you well and will get you a good grade.

  1. Keeping a dog as pet
  2. Most popular toys in 1980s
  3. OJ Simpson’s crime
  4. War for Independence in the USA
  5. Role of Prime Minister in Britain
  6. Winston Churchill’s life
  7. French colonization
  8. Napoleon wars and its consequences
  9. War in Vietnam
  10. Cloning and Dolly the sheep
  11. Effects of domestic violence on children
  12. GMO food
  13. Fast food
  14. Gun laws in the US
  15. Alternative fuels
  16. Stem cells
  17. Oprah’s impact on the American people
  18. FIFA Wolrd Cup
  19. Mental health issues
  20. Safety at workplace

Only The Best Informative Essay Topics

The purpose of an informative essay is to provide new and interesting information to readers. Although it might appear that writing an informative essay is relatively easier, it is quite challenging to captivate your readers and to share information that will interest them. You need to know what your target readers want to read about. Prior to writing this type of essay, the very first thing that you should do is to choose a topic. Find an interesting topic that will capture the interest of your audience. There are various ways for you to choose among the different informative essay topic. And if you are struggling, you can always get help at our trusted writing service. We can help you with any topic you like.