51 Perfect Essay Topics About Everything

When writing an essay, the very first thing that you should take into consideration is your choice of topic. This serves as the central focus of your arguments. Unfortunately, this is also one of the toughest parts to work upon. There are just a lot of topics that you can write about. If your professor gives you the freedom to select any topic of your choice, it can be more challenging. As such, it is essential that you know why essay topics are important and what makes a topic captivating to your readers?

Why an Interesting Essay Topic is Important

For writers and students who need to submit their essay work given a time frame, they cannot just choose whichever essay topic without giving any ample thought. If you want to create a high quality essay that will meet academic standards, choosing a topic that would interest or capture your readers is the very first step. Keep in mind that your chosen essay topic determines the flow of your essay. Without giving it a serious thought, you might end up just writing about any topic and this will be obvious when you write down the content. Your essay might end up looking disorganized; your ideas in disarray and words are properly written. But if you have clearly identified a nice topic that you are knowledgeable with, it is much easier for you to draft your essay, be creative with your words and establish your arguments.

Categories of Essay Topics

In choosing for a particular essay topic, there are various categories to choose from. This will highly depend on the type of content required from you as well as the essay genre you wish to write. If you are given the chance to choose your own essay topic, you will just have to pick one among these topics available.

How to Choose the Best Essay Topic

To make it easier for you, always bear in mind your target readers and the purpose of your essay. What is that topic that interests you and your target readers in university? If you wish to pursue a particular essay topic, is it something that both your teacher and others will appreciate? Just like any other written work, an essay is a reflection of your opinion, your stand and as well as your thoughts in a given topic. Finding an essay topic that you know of and something that can attract readers to read your work is now much easier if you know the purpose of your essay as well as the target audience that you have in mind. Our writers and subject area experts can help you in selecting the best essay topic for your assignment. So let us get started and present you 51 excellent essay topics.

Common Essay Topics

Whenever you choose essay topics, you want them to be unique. But sometimes it is better to stick with the ones your professor is used to, just to be on the safe side. We present a list of 21 common essay topics you can use anytime you want.

  1. Love and death in Romeo and Juliet
  2. Obama vs Trump presidency
  3. Syrian refugees
  4. Should guns be banned in the US?
  5. Censorship of art
  6. Legalization of marijuana
  7. Do video games cause violence?
  8. Issues of racism in To Kill a Mockingbird
  9. Management and leadership
  10. Life and death of Steve Jobs
  11. Technology and education
  12. Electromobiles
  13. Feminism and sexism
  14. Sexual harassment at workplace
  15. Bullying in schools
  16. Democracy in the US
  17. Drinking age
  18. Civil war in the United States
  19. Globalization – good or bad?
  20. Causes of racism
  21. LGBT rights

Essay Topics IELTS

Do you need to pass IELTS? Or you just need to know what topics will be there? Don’t worry, either way we’ve got you covered. Here is the list of essay topics you will most likely see on IELTS.

  1. Art in school
  2. How to improve creativity
  3. International business ventures
  4. Crime among teens
  5. How technology helps prevent crimes
  6. Uniforms in high schools
  7. Generation gap
  8. Obesity in the United States
  9. Should healthcare be free?
  10. Different methods of advertising

Easy Essay Topics

Why bother with difficult topics while you can pick easy ones and still manage to create an excellent essay? Choose one from these essay topics and you will achieve success. Guaranteed.

  1. Your favorite movie
  2. Your favorite book
  3. Your favorite video game
  4. Sport you like most
  5. Interesting childhood memory
  6. Describe your family pet
  7. Your favorite music artist
  8. Person who had an influence on you
  9. Global warming
  10. E-mail vs traditional letters

Universal Essay Topics

Some essay topics are widely used around the world and they remain popular. If you checked essay examples, you definitely saw them. But it doesn’t matter you shouldn’t use them, just the opposite – use them and try to say something others haven’t said before.

  1. Increasing human population
  2. Air pollution
  3. Climate change
  4. Should government support artists
  5. Should athletes get less money
  6. Should there be higher taxes?
  7. Should children move from parents?
  8. Nuclear weapons are threatening peace
  9. Digital age and its advantages
  10. Age of millennials

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